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Azza the Barbed Comic Bundle v2

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Azza was born into a family that- for generations- served in the Obsidian Guard- a military unit of holy warriors. During Azza's Coronation- a magical ceremony that would imbue her with a holy glowing power- something went wrong. Instead of the sacred Obsidian tattoos- she became marred with thorned- black markings and was banished by her people. Now- Azza lives in solitude guarding a great evil... but when that evil escapes and begins to spread its wicked power- Azza must make a choice: save the people that expelled her or allow her hometown to fall to evil.

These bundles are a collection of comics that follow a single story arc (or entire series), compiled by hand for your reading enjoyment! Each photo here represents the covers of the individual single issues that are included in this bundle.

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